Join Through-line: Preaching & Teaching

Chad will lead out to help you develop efficient, effective practices in teaching and preaching scripture.
Chad Poe
Founder of Through-line Cohort


Through-line will watch and listen to one of your messages and offer initial feedback. We will take your ministry context into consideration as we plan to help you grow as a church communicator.

Teaching Sessions

Each month, we hear from Chad and guest communicators to break down the various elements of preaching and teaching. These sessions include key concepts of communication like introductions, transitions, and response and the benefit of those being intertwined by having a message with an established through-line.


In a Conversation Huddle, you will meet with a small group of participants to discuss the month’s focal concept. In your huddle, you will think through creative, efficient communication techniques with your ministry context in mind.

We would love to know more about you, your background, ministry context, and any specific goals you have in joining Through-line Cohort.